Saamiani palautteita

"Hale's professional background and openness to new ideas have made working with her very enjoyable and productive. She is a straight shooter, always willing to communicate openly and finding the best possible solutions together. Hale's admirable mindset to face every challenge as a learning opportunity is also worth mentioning. "

Toni Ruuska

Head of Web and eCom platform / Suunto

"I had a privilege to work with Hale on a project that was all new approach, concept and way of organising the way of working. Creating new is never easy, because something always comes up. It requires dedication, determination and capacity to adapt. Hale has all these qualities! Hale takes action and responsibility, actively finds a way that works and gets things done. I am happy to recommend her!! "

Toni Keskinen

Yrittäjä, muutoskonsultti

"Pahuksen upea markkinointisuunnittelija, pitää langat käsissä, budjetit kurissa ja tulokset korkeina."

Mikko Kalliola

Luova johtaja / Aava & Bang

Hale was a great leader to work with. She was able to give clear direction and listened to suggestions and recommendations. She had lot of great ideas that also became successful marketing activities. She wasn't afraid to think out-of-the box. For me her greatest asset was how she coached me in my work and gave me challenges that drove me forward. As a person Hale was open and pleasure to work with.

Samuel Tenhunen

Senior Growth Advisor, Tietoevry

Hale was one of my key colleagues at Telia. She is ambitious, passionate, and full of constructive curiosity. She's the one to make a difference, with brave but righteous attitude. I warmly recommend working with her.

Erika Vitikainen

Organizational coach, Taskmill